MRx Value Plus

What is MRx Value Plus?

Magellan Rx Management has developed MRx Value Plus, the first multi-state value-based contract designed for state Medicaid programs. MRx Value Plus is a new program focused on health outcomes for patients treated with a manufacturer’s product. If health outcomes are not realized, the manufacturer will refund a portion of the cost of the drug back to the state.

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and payers are committed to the affordability and sustainability of the healthcare system and recognize the importance of aligning reimbursement around value instead of volume.

Benefits of MRx Value Plus

Who can use MRx Value Plus?

This type of contract is unique and offers additional value to state Medicaid programs beyond traditional Supplemental rebate contracts. By paying for only what works through value-based contracts, states can lower overall costs and preserve valuable healthcare resources.

Outcomes Examples

After John’s second hospitalization for a mental health issue, his physician prescribed a new long-acting drug for his condition. The manufacturer guarantees that patients like John will have fewer hospitalizations on their drug than his current drug therapy or they will provide a refund to the health plan.


Want to learn more?

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