Formulary Management

What is formulary management?

Magellan Rx Management is a next-generation organization specializing in navigating the complexities of pharmacy. Comprehensive formulary strategies are essential for controlling the financial burden of rising drug prices and new high-cost therapies. Our team of clinical experts from across the U.S. have developed innovative formulary strategies and clinical programs to help our customers combat these emerging cost drivers and reduce overall costs to both plans and members.

Formulary Options

Our well-designed formularies ensure members have access to clinically appropriate medications for the lowest possible cost while providing our customers with optimal financial value and savings.

  • Standard: Our Standard Formulary covers almost all FDA-approved medications and ensures cost-effective products are available in each given therapeutic class.
  • Precision & Precision Plus+*  : Our Precision Formularies leverage exclusion strategies to promote lower-cost alternatives in select drug categories.

Search for covered drugs

We’ve made it simple to view our drug lists from anywhere, with our easy to use formulary drug lookup tool.

Who can use formulary management?

This program is available to health plans and employer groups looking for a powerful and effective formulary management strategy to help manage costs while ensuring member access to clinically appropriate medications.

Want to learn more?

Connect with us today to learn more about our formulary management strategies and how we can help you manage costs associated with rising drug spend.




* No modifications within targeted drug classes.  With Precision Plus+, non-preferred autoimmune drugs cannot be grandfathered.