Medical Pharmacy Solutions

What is our medical pharmacy solution?

When we say “medical pharmacy” we’re talking about specialty drugs that are administered by healthcare professionals and billed on the medical benefit. We deliver targeted and timely  initiatives for medical pharmacy management, and innovate new solutions  to take on the latest developments in our industry.

What do you get when you partner with Magellan Rx?

Our suite of solutions:

We manage medical pharmacy drugs with the same rigor as traditional pharmacy benefit drugs by leveraging a suite of solutions that can provide up to 20% overall savings.

prior authorizations | Magellan Rx. ManagementPrior authorization

Ensures complex and high-cost drugs are prescribed according to evidence-based policies

post-service pre-payment claims | Magellan Rx. ManagementPost-service pre-payment claim edits

Assures medical benefit drugs are paid correctly

provider network strategy | Magellan Rx. ManagementProvider network strategy
Encourages lower cost but equally effective agents through a variable fee schedule

site of service management | Magellan Rx. ManagementSite of service management

Guides medical injectable drug administration to the lowest cost and clinically appropriate site of care

medical formulary management | Magellan Rx. ManagementMedical formulary management

Enhances management of medical drug classes to promote the most cost-effective therapies

custom disease specific conditions | Magellan Rx Management

Custom disease-specific conditions

Solutions built to address some of the most complex and high-cost conditions that impact rising medical benefit spend


– Autoimmune

– Immune Globulin

– Retinal Disease

– Hemophilia

– Rare Disease

Who can use our medical pharmacy solutions?

Please note that individual program implementation is dependent on plan size and other factors. We will partner with you to create the custom solution that best meets the needs of your unique population. 

  • Employer Groups, TPAs, Unions (select programs only) 
  • Government 
  • Health Plans 

These flexible solutions can also operate outside of the traditional payer-PBM relationship. Now, health plans can plug in to the extensive clinical expertise and experience at Magellan Rx by delegating specialty and medical drug management services while retaining a separate pharmacy benefit manager.

Want to learn more about our medical pharmacy solutions?

Reach out to our team to learn more; we’d love to hear from you.