MRx Easy Dose

What is MRx Easy Dose?

We are shaping the future of pharmacy by leveraging insights and innovation to challenge the status quo and deliver valuable solutions to our customers and their members.

Through a collaboration with PersonalRX pharmacy we offer you MRx Easy Dose, a convenient option for people who take five or more maintenance medications.

With MRx Easy Dose, members receive :

Pre-packaged Medication | Magellan Rx ManagementPre-packaged, clearly labeled medications delivered directly to members’ homes

Every 30-day pack is pre-sorted, packaged by dose and labeled with time of day and contents. Additional medicines, such as inhalers or ointments can also be included in monthly shipments.

personalized rx | Magellan Rx ManagementPersonalized care to support adherence and avoid harmful medication errors

Members receive dedicated support to help navigate their treatment from a knowledgeable and caring staff who advocate for patient wellness.

App | Magellan RxAccess to the PersonalRX app for on-the-go care
The app includes medication reminders that sync with members’ medication packs and offer reminders via text, phone call or a nudge from Amazon’s Alexa when it’s time for their next dose.

Who can use MRx Easy Dose?

This program is available to members of health plans and employer groups.

Want to learn more?

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