AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAP)

What is our AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP):

With decades of experience in serving some of the largest AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) populations, we leverage our innovative spirit and deliver valuable solutions to bring understanding and capabilities in managing this unique population and their needs. We partner with our state customers to manage treatment for AIDS population.

ADAP services provided by Magellan Rx:

Pharmacy Benefit Management | magellan rx managementPharmacy benefit management

Claims processing, pharmacy network design, clinical support, primary insurance identification, 24/7 support

enrollment Benefits Management | magellan rx management Enrollment benefit management

Online enrollment tools, optional integrated enrollment systems that transmits data to CMS and Medicaid, generates virtual ID cards, and verifies insurance

Clinical data | Magellan RxClinical quality management

Clinical solutions to help states improve outcomes for ADAP clients

expertise | Magellan RxNavigate whole health ADAP

Clinical pharmacists partner with providers to manage complex cases by promoting best practices for HIV treatment and closing gaps in care

The MRx ADAP Center of Excellence:

MRx ADAP seal | Magellan Rx Management

What is the ADAP center of excellence?

We created the MRx ADAP Center of Excellence to provide State ADAP programs across the country with a best-in class operating paradigm to help improve patient outcomes and prevent HIV. We assist states in their mission to maximize public health and safety through the elimination, prevention, and control of disease, disability, and death caused by HIV/AIDS by providing access to HIV medications to low-income, uninsured, and underinsured.

Who can use it?

We currently support ADAPs in California, Connecticut, Idaho, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Working with Magellan Rx:

The AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) is a state and territory-administered program that provides FDA-approved medications to low-income people living with HIV who have limited or no health coverage from private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare.

Want to learn more?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about our AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).