Magellan Method

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At Magellan Method, a division of Magellan Rx Management, we specialize in solving complex healthcare challenges. Our expertise creates a unique opportunity to help support your brand’s objectives through industry-leading managed care insights, customized clinical interventions, and real-world analytics, including both medical and pharmacy data.

Payer Insight Generation
  • Generate actionable payer insights
  • Demographically diverse and appropriate participants
  • Provide insights, perceptions, interests, and expectations of managed care executives
  • Communication strategies
Strategic Planning Partner
  • For pre and post launch of brands, including business planning and strategy development
  • Aligned with specific company goals
  • Strategies to navigate emerging markets
  • Solutions that bridge medical and pharmacy management
Clinical Program Development & Execution
  • Develop unique clinical programs to achieve strategic objectives
  • Implement PharmD-led outbound physician calls to achieve program objectives
  • Provide clinical messaging to key office stakeholders
  • Train offices on appropriate utilization, clinical practice guidelines, product administration, etc.
  • Ensure formulary compliance and drive appropriate utilization within key geographies or “white space”
Health Economics Outcomes and Medical/Rx Data Analysis & Modeling
  • Product utilization reviews
  • Cost assessment evaluation
  • Budget impact models
  • Disease state or medication class analysis and prescribing trends
  • Clinical and financial impact of programs/policies
  • Reduction in negative health outcomes
  • Clinical and cost-effectiveness
  • Publication planning and abstract/poster submissions
Medical Policy & PA Tracking
  • Track medical policies for categories of interest for over 150 national and regional health plans
  • Identify early adopters of formulary & utilization management strategies
  • Segment health plan priority for communication initiatives
  • Include payer landscape information for each plan
Oncology Solutions Platform
  • Unique strategies to support clinical and economic management of oncology therapies
  • Development of solutions that align with evolving reimbursement models; value based and episode of care model and bundled payment methodologies
Publications & Presentations

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