Managing specialty is our specialty

At Magellan Rx, we believe the best way to engage a patient is to motivate them to understand and manage their condition physically and emotionally.

Our specialty pharmacy is proven to improve adherence through patient engagement and education through:

mrx cares | magellan rxProactive outreach

Our specially-trained nurses, educated in motivational interviewing, make outbound calls to members.

Member education

Members have on-demand access to informative videos about conditions and medication.

Webcasts | Magellan RxVirtual engagement

Video-conferencing/text messaging with nurses and access to clinicians 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

We’re your partner in patient care

When you prescribe to Magellan Rx Pharmacy, we will help reduce your administrative burden while helping your patients stay on your treatment plan.

For you

Our experienced team is here to assist you and your staff in:

  • Insurance verification
  • E-prescribing acceptance
  • Patient assistance expertise
  • Prior authorization coordination

For your patients

We provide specialized education and support to help your patients stay on track with your treatment plan:

  • Enrollment in MRx Cares, a program designed and proven to improve medication adherence
  • Coaching programs to help manage their condition, potential side effects, and drug interactions
  • Enhanced support through text messaging
  • On-demand medication videos
  • Highly-trained pharmacists and nurses are available to answer questions 24/7
  • Great member satisfaction

Complete condition management

Getting started with our specialty pharmacy is fast and easy

Medication Therapy Management | Magellan Rx


Send prescriptions to Magellan Rx Pharmacy, LLC – Specialty

call | magellan rx management


Call us at 866-554-2673


Fax the complete prescription to 866-364-2673. (You must include patient information and diagnosis.)


Mail prescription and completed order form to Magellan Rx Pharmacy, P.O. Box 621988, Orlando, FL 32862

Need an order form?

Below you can access a variety of forms, including specialty order forms.

Specialty Pharmacy- Patient Enrollment Form

Specialty Pharmacy- Provider Order Form

Specialty Pharmacy- Sublocade Order Form

Questions? Reach out to us!

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