Medication Therapy Management

What is our medication therapy management program?

Our boundary-pushing clinical solutions target the entire care continuum and deliver our customers and members a best-in-class healthcare experience. By leveraging insights and innovation, we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive medication therapy management (MTM) program aimed at improving therapeutic outcomes. Partner with us to solve the industry’s challenge with medication use, quality of care and overall costs. We also offer MTM programs to Medicare plans, regardless of membership size. Beneficiary participation in the program is determined based on regulatory requirements and guidelines.

What does our medication therapy management program offer?

Elevate your experience as we effectively identify opportunities, engage and monitor patients and deliver positive results for each individual patient.

identify opportunities| Magellan Rx Manaagement Identify Opportunities

Enhanced targeting to identify care improvement opportunities via:
Pharmacy, medical and lab data, customized analytics, and expanded enrollment

engage and monitor patients | Magellan Rx ManaagementEngage & Monitor Patients

A pharmacist will spend time with each patient to enhance communication and collaboration between the patient and their healthcare professionals

deliver results | Magellan Rx Manaagement

Deliver Results

Activity and outcomes reporting are delivered to clients regularly:
We focus on STAR/HEDIS measures, outperforming national benchmarks, and deliver proven and published return on investments

Who can use our medication therapy management program?

Our MTM program is available to health plans, employer groups, and government entities who have over 10k lives and are seeking a comprehensive solution to improve therapeutic outcomes for their members while reducing overall costs.

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