MRx View

What is MRx View?

MRx View transforms data into meaningful and actionable information. This comprehensive online reporting tool provides on-demand access to sophisticated reporting capabilities, including interactive dashboards, ad hoc query reports and scenario modeling. MRx View also includes in-depth reporting on opioid risk and adherence.


Key program features:

Dashboard | Magellan Rx ManagementDashboard

Executive view, custom views, visual graphics

MRx Explore | Magellan Rx ManagementData Reports

Summary reports, claim level detail, custom/filters

RX monitoring | Magellan Rx Management Rx Monitoring

Automated reports, custom criteria, emailed alerts

Scenarios | Magellan Rx Management Scenarios

Copay modeling, program impacts, estimated savings

Who can use MRx View?

This tool is available to health plans and employer groups looking for an adaptable reporting tool that turns data into actionable information.

Want to learn more?

Connect with us today to learn more about MRx View and its capabilities.