MRx Connect

What is MRx Connect?

MRx Connect is a tailored messaging service that helps prevent gaps in care and enhance member awareness and compliance through digital engagement. Messaging through MRx Connect includes health/wellness assessments, appointment notices and medication refill reminders.

Key features of MRx Connect:

Cel with chat box | Magellan Rx Manaagement

Motivate your members

Mobile messaging can be utilized for a variety of text communications, including: health coaching, refill reminders, flu-shot reminders, prior authorization renewal reminders, health coaching and more.

flexible messaging | magellan rx managementFlexible messaging

Send one-way messages to target full populations or individuals, or two-way interactive messages between plan and full population or individuals.

Our mobile engagement solution | magellan rx managementOur mobile engagement solution

MRx Connect is compliant with HIPAA privacy standards, provides client reporting and feedback to Magellan Rx and allows members to opt out of receiving text messages.

Who can use MRx Connect?

MRx Connect is a customizable solution available to health plans, employer groups and government entities looking for a HIPAA-compliant method to motivate positive member behavior.

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