Navigate Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

What is our Navigate Diabetes Prevention Program?

The Navigate Diabetes Prevention Program is based on the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Diabetes Prevention Program proven to help reduce or prevent the development of type 2 diabetes. Through this program we empower members to participate and commit to making small changes over the course of 1 year that can lower A1C, keep weight off for the long-term and improve their overall health and well-being. Members will learn to manage their diet, physical activity, sleep habits, stress and more through interactive, virtual coaching! We understand that each organization is unique, so to best meet your needs, we offer the flexibility of selecting our Navigate Diabetes Prevention Program as a standalone offering.

Our Diabetes Prevention Program offers:

  • 1-on-1 support from a dedicated lifestyle coach
  • Creative solutions to help reduce stress and enjoy life
  • Feedback on meals from nutrition experts
  • Simple exercise tips to increase physical activity
  • Assistance in setting realistic goals
  • Easy progress tracking to help meet milestones
  • Scheduled group support
  • Access to an online community

Why focus on diabetes prevention?

Prediabetes is common in adults | magellan rx managementPrediabetes is common in adults

88 million adults (more than 1 in 3) have prediabetes.

live vibrantly: diabetes | Magellan rx managementDiabetes can be costly

Total medical costs and lost work wages for people diagnosed with diabetes are estimated to be $327 billion. Medical costs for people with diabetes are twice as high as those without diabetes.

prediabetes often goes unnoticed | Magellan RxPrediabetes often goes unnoticed

More than 8 in 10 adults don’t know that they have prediabetes.

 Who can benefit from our Navigate Diabetes Prevention Program?

  • Health plans
  • Employer groups
  • Government entities
  • Third-party administrators

Please note that individual program implementation is dependent on plan size and other factors. We will partner with you to create the custom solution that best meets the needs of your unique population.

 Let us show you how our Navigate Diabetes Prevention Program can reduce your population’s risk of diabetes.

Connect with us today! Interested in learning about our MRx Navigate program? Check out our MR Navigate suite of integrated solutions here.