Marketing and correspondence

At Magellan Rx Management, your members are our members.  We understand that member engagement and effective communication are paramount in member satisfaction, which is why we designed a variety of customizable marketing and correspondence strategies for the complex Medicare population with a member-centric mindset at the forefront.

The insight obtained through your relationship with your members helps you connect with your Medicare audience and better understand their wants and needs. It also helps us serve you better and allows us to make sure we are tailoring our services to satisfy your members. Our hope is that as every member feels supported, engaged, and informed.

Let’s work together to help you create focused marketing and communication strategies that make sense for your membership.  Explore our Marketing & Correspondence offerings below to learn how our experienced team can effectively engage with your Medicare audience.

A sampling of the services most utilized by our Medicare clients is highlighted below

Correspondence communications

Magellan Rx Management provides a full suite of communication materials to meet the correspondence needs of Medicare beneficiaries. For all services delegated, we create communication materials that meet CMS guidelines, following the required structure and guidance. We collaborate closely with our clients to offer customization to follow your specific font or branding requirements.

On an annual basis, we will review your Correspondence library to ensure that the most current CMS guidance is being applied to all materials. Our clients are included in all document reviews every step of the way.

Some of the correspondence that we manage includes:

  • Coverage determination, organizational determinations, and grievance correspondence
  • Medication therapy management (MTM) communications
  • Drug management program (DMP) communications
  • Transition letters
  • Explanation of benefits
  • Precluded and excluded provider letters
  • Drug recall letters
Medicare marketing materials

We understand the importance of marketing your plan in order to expand your membership, allowing you to reach more people with quality medical and prescription care. Marketing is an important aspect in attracting new members and helping to retain existing membership.

Magellan Rx Management offers packages that include the creation and distribution of all your Medicare marketing and benefit materials. This incudes the Evidence of Coverage, Summary of Benefits, Annual Notice of Change, Formulary and Pharmacy Directories. For our non-EGWP clients we will work with you to incorporate your branding and ensure that the documents represent your plan favorably.

We also offer consultative services for our clients who prefer to create their own materials – we will work with you to ensure your prescription benefits are accurately depicted, and we offer marketing advice based on years of Medicare experience.

Website development and consultation

Technology use is on the rise among Medicare beneficiaries, so it is essential that health plans develop a strong digital engagement strategy with their membership. Your member-facing website is the gateway for your members to find information about their plan.

Magellan Rx Management has fully developed and operates a website for our EGWP plan, Granite Alliance Insurance Company. We offer the same services to our non-EGWP clients and can build and host your website through our content management software. We also work closely with our clients who host existing websites to consult and ensure that their websites are offering enhanced services to their beneficiaries.

In addition to the public-facing member website, we offer secure portals for both members and our clients. Members are able to access and view their claim history, obtain documents, and submit secure online coverage determination and redetermination requests through their portal. Our client portal has simplified PBM oversight – and provides on-demand access to benefit information, training, reporting, and regulatory updates on guidance.


Enrollee advisory committee

Your membership offers a wealth of information about your plan. Members can help identify gaps, concerns, strengths, provide ongoing input on plan operations, and gauge overall satisfaction. Feedback received from your members can be used to help improve the quality and value of the care offered. It is important to offer your members a forum where they can freely provide this information. Magellan Rx Management provides this forum in the form of enrollee advisory committee.

We will fully facilitate the group – from enlisting participating members, developing the schedule, creating the agenda, hosting the session, and providing detailed analysis back to the plan. We collaborate closely with our clients during the process to ensure that the agenda and topics discussed are tailored to your needs.

Member survey

While an enrollee advisory committee is an important way to collect feedback, it is unrealistic to solicit feedback from a large percentage of your membership base with that method. To help reach a wider range of your member population, we offer digital member surveys. A survey can be provided directly on your plan website, or through email. The survey gives your members a voice and another opportunity to gauge member satisfaction and identify potential pain points.

We work closely with you to develop a suite of focused questions. We fully compile and analyze the results and provide quarterly reports on the responses. With the member survey we are able to frequently adjust the questions based on changing needs throughout the plan year.

Member newsletter

Magellan Rx Management has developed a member newsletter called Living Well. We distribute this newsletter on a bi-annual basis but can also be made available quarterly. The newsletter is available in both digital and print format. We recommend including the newsletter on your website as it will help drive website traffic and strengthen your member connection.

When developing each issue of the newsletter we choose topics that are relevant to the Medicare population. Our newsletter is full of both educational content, as well as content to mentally stimulate with brain teasers and games. The feedback we have received on past issues has been positive and members truly enjoy the content provided.