Preferred Drug List Development, Implementation, and Maintenance

Magellan Rx has extensive experience and success in developing Preferred Drug Lists (PDLs) for government clients who serve the dual needs of delivering significant savings and maintaining broad access to quality pharmaceuticals. We implemented the first Medicaid supplemental rebate program in 2001 for Florida, the first Medicaid supplemental rebate pool in 2004, and the first single-PDL program in 2013 for Texas – our history is full of innovation in the Medicaid space!

Our clinical and account management teams are comprised of advanced degree clinical pharmacists. These clinicians write and edit clinical drug reviews and other Magellan Rx publications while providing PDL account management. As part of our ongoing strategy to provide a value-oriented approach to pharmaceutical care, our clinical staff continuously monitors the status of drug products in development, FDA activities related to the approval of new drugs and new indications, as well as other market and labeling changes.

The process we use to develop our PDL recommendations combines clinical and financial information and trend observations across the country. These recommendations also consider an analysis of disruption and savings models based on the expected impact of alternative PDL recommendations.

Our clinical account managers provide procedural advice and clinical and financial analysis support to the state and its public advisory committees in making PDL decisions. Through Magellan Rx’s work in multiple pharmacy benefits markets, we have access to clinical institutions, medical education centers, centers of excellence, and thought leaders.