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Our Leaders

Mostafa Kamal | Magellan Rx

Mostafa Kamal

Chief Executive Officer
Bold leader, big picture thinker & Wiki enthusiast


Dr. Caroline Carney | Magellan Rx

Dr. Caroline Carney

Chief Medical Officer
Dr. Mom & clinical strategist

Matthew Mertel | Magellan Rx

Matthew Mertel

Chief Technology & Operations Officer
Tech whiz, digital artist & human Snapple cap

Kristen Tveit

Chief Financial Officer
Professional number cruncher & outdoor lover

Linda Smith | Magellan Rx

Linda Smith

Chief Service Officer & Chief of Staff
Smooth operator & product innovator

Anthony Palmisano | Magellan Rx

Anthony Palmisano

SVP, Associate General Counsel
Lawyer extraordinaire & policy guru

Kevin Fletemeyer | Magellan Rx

Kevin Fletemeyer

Chief Strategy Officer
Value creator & data-driven strategist

Wanda Robinson | Magellan Rx

Wanda Robinson

Chief Compliance Officer
Compliance expert & regulatory wizard

Sharon Butler | Magellan Rx

Sharon Butler

SVP, Human Resources
People expert & culture ambassador

Meredith Delk

SVP, General Manager, Government Markets
Resident powerhouse & guardian of the government

Earl Hurst | Magellan Rx

Earl Hurst

SVP, General Manager, PBM Market
Customer hero, PBM sales pro & pelotonist

Vikki Ahern | Magellan Rx

Vikki Ahern

SVP, Plan President, Medicare Part D
Medicare master & idea juggernaut

Steve Cutts | Magellan Rx

Steve Cutts

SVP, General Manager, Specialty
Pharmacist leader by day, karaoke singer by night


Neely Burkhardt | Magellan Rx

Neely Burkhardt

SVP, Customer Experience & Marketing
Creative hotshot & brand magician