MRx Select Savings

What is MRx Select Savings

We are partnering across the industry to provide a connected healthcare experience that leverages insights and innovation to deliver valuable solutions for our customers and their members.

MRx Select Savings links Magellan Rx’s clinical expertise with consultative alternative funding partners to help find financial assistance for people who take select specialty medications, and also:

  • Helps reduce costs for both the plan and its members
  • Has minimal impact on treatment time
  • Can produce savings of up to 50% in specialty spend.

 The ideal solution is an integrated approach. The MRx Select Savings program:

specialty drug spend | magellan rx managementManages financial aspects of specialty drug funding

Knowledgeable advocates and case managers handle the financial aspects of the specialty drug funding.

benefits members with chronic diseases | Magellan Rx ManagementBenefits members with chronic diseases

The goal is to help members who are living with high-cost chronic diseases financially.

access to care | Magellan Rx ManagementProvides access to care

Members will have access to care under the normal process they use today.

specialty drugs | Magellan Rx ManagementDoes not use exclusionary language

MRx Select savings maintains coverage for specialty drugs without using exclusionary language (preserves stop-loss policy coverage).

plan document language | magellan rx managementKeeps it simple

Includes plan document language that does not reduce the value of the benefit and maintains ACA compliance

Who can use MRx Select Savings?

This program is available to health plans and employer groups looking to improve access to specialty drugs, products and services.

Want to learn more?

Connect with us today to learn more about MRx Select Savings and how it can help manage costs associated with rising specialty spend.



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