As a leader in managing the rising cost of medical benefit drug spend, Magellan Rx has focused on advancing biosimilar utilization since 2015. We empower customers to turn biosimilar availability into cost savings while maintaining clinical quality. How do we do it? We build on the success of our comprehensive utilization management program to offer an expanded medical pharmacy solution that is designed to adapt to biosimilar approvals across any high-cost and complex disease category, including autoimmune and oncology.

Proactive Management | Magellan Rx ManagementProactive Management

We assess and develop clinical protocols while educating and communicating with network providers and hospitals through our team of highly-trained pharmacists

medical pharmacy execution | Magellan RxMedical Pharmacy Execution

We leverage 16+ years of innovative and industry-leading expertise by incorporating biosimilars into key utilization management programs such as medical prior authorization and provider reimbursement/fee schedule management, while keeping in mind each patient’s unique situation to maintain quality of care

Expert Opinion | Magellan Rx ManagementExpert Opinion:

We are continuously working to gain insights from our Expert Clinical Network of key opinion leaders and oncology advisory board

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