Medicare Part D

We understand the complexity of managing the growing Medicare Part D population. That is why we have developed Magellan Rx Medicare Basic (PDP) – a Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan designed to improve the member experience, promote safety and effectively manage costs.

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Magellan Rx Management provides a complete continuum of PBM solutions for our Medicare Part D plan with tailored support and expertise to meet beneficiary needs, leveraging:

  • Over 40 years working with CMS
  • Experience in supporting over half of the nation’s Medicaid programs
  • Superior program management team
  • Customized reporting and informatics
  • Claims management & enrollment systems
  • Aggressive formulary management
  • Comprehensive clinical programs

We want to help make positive advancements toward providing access to prescription drugs, dependable retiree coverage, and better coverage options for Medicare-eligible Americans. In an environment where cost containment and quality care are constantly challenged, Magellan Rx Management is the smart solution.

Magellan Rx Medicare Basic (PDP) officially launched January 1, 2016. Learn more about our plan.