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Live Vibrantly: Whole Health

What is Live Vibrantly: Whole Health?

Live Vibrantly: Whole Health is our innovative academic detailing solution that focuses on behavioral health and/or opioid management, utilizing specially trained pharmacists with certifications in pain management and psychiatry. The program educates providers and leaves them with the tools and resources necessary to make informed decisions regarding treatment for their patients. Clients have seen positive outcomes like reductions in pharmacy spend, hospitalizations and emergency room visits, resulting in improved quality of care provided to members.

 What Live Vibrantly: Whole Health offers:

Clinical data | Magellan RxClinical Data
Customer provides pharmacy, medical, and/or lab claims data received by Magellan’s data warehouse

evidence based algorithms | Magellan RxEvidence-Based Algorithms
Algorithms identify non-evidence-based prescribing patterns and stratify interventions

clinical outreach | Magellan RxClinical Outreach
Pharmacist led multi-modal outreach to providers of all specialties

improved patient outcomes | Magellan RxImproved Patient Outcomes
Dedicated analytics team to compile outcomes data

Who can use Live Vibrantly: Whole Health?

Live Vibrantly: Whole Health is a flexible and customizable solution available to health plans, employer groups and government entities who have over 10k lives and are seeking a solution that focuses on behavioral health and opioid management to improve the health of their members and provide better quality of care.  

Want to learn more?

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