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On hand prescription drug management tools

Get real-time prescription updates, important medication information and cost-saving tools all in the palm of your hand.

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Download the Magellan Rx app today and get access to:

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Real-time prescription updates

The Magellan Rx app makes it easy to see where a prescription is in the review process.

Mobile App | Magellan Rx Management

Drug information and education

Get detailed clinical information about your medications.

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Cost management tools

Get accurate drug pricing from nearby pharmacies so you can make the best decision on where to fill your prescription.

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Notifications for prescription refills

Receive notifications for prescription refills, severe drug-drug interactions, and prior authorization status updates.

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Pharmacy claims history

View a detailed history of previously filled prescriptions including price paid.

House with a pill- delivery | Magellan Rx Management

Schedule home delivery

Refill your home delivery prescription and compare costs against nearby pharmacies.

Real-time prescription updates

Mobile App | Magellan Rx Management

Transparency is key and the Magellan Rx mobile app makes it easy to see where a prescription is in the review process with 6 easy statuses.

  • Ready: Your prescription is ready for you.
  • Not Ready: Your prescription is not ready for you yet.
  • Under Review: Your prescription’s prior authorization is under review.
  • Needs Approval: This prescription needs a prior authorization.
  • Quantity Limit: The prescription has exceeded the prescribed quantity limit.
  • Not Covered: This prescription isn’t covered by your plan.

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  • If it is your first time using a Magellan Rx portal, create an account with us through the mobile app by tapping the “Register now” button.

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