The Power of Video

Would you rather read pages and pages of medication-specific fine print or watch a simple video? In today’s digital age, healthcare consumers are demanding quick and easy access to reliable healthcare information and at Magellan Rx Management, we have made it easy for them.

In an effort to empower our members with rich, relevant content for more informed healthcare decision-making, we now offer over 500 medication videos through our enhanced member portal.   

Our member portal videos provide:

  • Traditional and specialty medication details
  • Disease education
  • Side effect awareness

Additionally, we leverage quick response (QR) codes on prescription labels for top-prescribed drugs through our specialty pharmacy. These specific QR codes link patients directly to customized videos about their prescription. 

Each video concludes with one-click access to:

  • Clinical nurses to ask questions or schedule a refill 
  • Secure patient portal to access medication alerts, refill reminders and patient assistance programs
  • Comprehensive digital Rx library for detailed medication information and wellness resources


Medication Adherence Video