Government Solutions

We understand the complexities that Medicaid and other state agencies face, and with more than 40 years of experience, we are the experts. We have solutions that help serve covered populations, and work closely with our state customers to meet statutory and regulatory requirements in the continually changing healthcare environment.

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Managed Medicaid

We partner with Health Plans to deliver comprehensive PBM services to their Medicaid members. Learn more about our Managed Medicaid solutions.

Medicaid Fee-for-Service

We support over half of the nation’s states to lower overall program costs to taxpayers, while preserving a robust drug benefit for recipients. Our cutting-edge pharmacy solutions are tailored and proven in multiple state government healthcare programs. Learn more about our Medicaid Fee-for-Service solutions.

AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs)

We have 20 years of experience in administering ADAPs, providing an efficient and cost-effective program with a comprehensive distribution network of pharmacies that provides services to eligible clients residing throughout a state. Learn more about our ADAP solutions. 


Other State and County Programs

We provide our comprehensive pharmacy benefit management solution to State Pharmaceutical Assistance Programs (SPAPs) as well as county government health programs. Learn more about our SPAP solutions.


Our Customers

Our company is comprised of clinicians and business experts, supported by advanced technology, with a strong focus on serving our customers. We aim to build productive, long-term partnerships with our customers through strong collaboration and flexible solutions.